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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Quotes Salisbury MD

Boatowners liability Insurance can help protect your assets

If you’re at fault in an accident, you could be held legally responsible for injury or damage caused by the accident.

Watercraft Liability helps protect you from paying medical costs, loss of income and funeral expenses of other people involve in an accident.

It also helps protect you from paying for repair or replacement of another operator’s boat or property.

Which boats are typically covered by a boat policy?

  • The boat(s) listed on your Policy Declarations or any boat you replace it with.
  • Any boat you operate while yours is being repaired due to an accident.
  • Any boat you rent or borrow.

If you are responsible for property damage due to an accidental fuel spill, watercraft liability coverage can help pay for those damages.

If you injure someone in an accident, boat insurance can help protect you from losing your savings or home to pay for those damages.

If you damage another person’s boat or other property in an accident, boat insurance can help protect you from paying for those damages.

There’s coverage available to protect you from boat operators with no insurance.

There are a lot of boat operators out there who may not have insurance. What if one of them damages your watercraft? Uninsured Watercraft Coverage can help.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage helps pay for injuries you, your family or anyone on your boat sustain due to an accident with an uninsured boater.

If you are hurt in a boating accident by a boat operator with little or no insurance, and you have Uninsured Watercraft Coverage, boat insurance will help pay for medical expenses.

There’s a coverage that can also help pay for your injuries from an accident.

If you’re in an accident, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s, paying for medical care can be a concern. That’s where Watercraft Medical Payments Coverage comes in.

Watercraft Medical Payments Coverage can help pay for some of your medical costs or funeral expenses if you or anyone on your boat is injured in an accident.

If you’re injured in a boating accident, our boat insurance can help pay for medical services you receive within three years of the accident.

Your coverage may include, hospital bills, surgeries, x-rays, dental, pharmaceuticals, nursing services and more due to an injury from a boating accident.

What about damage to your boat?

If you wreck your boat, your boat owners insurance can help to repair or replace it so you can get back to boating again quickly.

Your property coverage helps pay for damage to your boat if you’re involved in an accident with another boat or something else, such as a pier, buoy, dock or debris, or if someone hits your docked boat.

It also typically pays for damage or loss to your boat caused by something other than a collision, such as theft, fire, vandalism, windstorm or hitting an animal.

If your boat is in an accident, your property coverage can help pay for the repair or replacement of your boat.

There are other coverages you can buy to protect your boat

Kiefer & Colbourne Insurance offers other coverages for additional protection for you and your boat.

Personal Effects Coverage helps cover your personal belongings, including fishing equipment.

Emergency Services Coverage repays up to $100 for the reasonable cost of towing, mechanical labor at the place of breakdown, and delivery of fuel, oil or battery.

Additional Boat Equipment Coverage provides coverage for your boat accessories such as anchors, life jackets and navigation gear, up to policy limits.

Boat Trailer Coverage covers damages associated with your boat trailer, up to policy limits.

Repair Cost Endorsement Coverage provides coverage for your boat, motor, boat equipment or trailer, up to policy limits.

About Deductibles

A deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay to help repair or replace your boat if you have a claim covered by your policy.

Example: A boat operator damages his watercraft in an accident and it will cost $5000 to repair.

Choosing a higher deductible means you might pay less for your insurance premium now, but you should be prepared to pay more out of your own pocket later if you have an accident.

About coverage limits

Each coverage has a limit. If you have an accident claim covered by your boat policy damages will be paid up to that coverage limit.

Example: A boat operator causes an accident in which someone is injured. That case goes to trial and there is a verdict of $57000 to compensate the injured person.

Choosing a higher limit means you might pay more for your insurance premium now, but it could help protect you from having to pay other people’s damage later.



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