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Tips For Clearing Out Garage Clutter

19 January, 2017 / By admin / 0 comments

Whether you use your garage as an all-purpose space or restrict it to vehicles only, it’s one area of your home that can quickly become disorganized. But with a little planning and purging, you can create the orderly garage of your dreams.

Start by Clearing the Chaos
Organizational experts estimate that only 30 percent of Americans park in their garage at home. Do you fall into that category? If so, it’s possible to make room for your vehicle with a little time, attention and elbow grease. First, decide what to toss. As a general rule of thumb, if an item hasn’t been used in two years, consider getting rid of it. Throw out broken objects, and properly dispose of cleaners or other chemicals that have expired or are no longer needed.

Are there paint cans stacked haphazardly or pet food stashed conveniently in your garage? These items, among others, are best stored elsewhere. Find a new home for those, as well as propane tanks, paper goods, wood furniture and other food items.

Devise a Personalized Plan
After you’ve decluttered, think organization. The key is finding an approach that works best for how you use the garage, whether that means a manufactured organizing system or a DIY strategy.

Get started by grouping similar objects together. For example, arrange yard equipment in one area and hand tools in another. And be sure to store heavy machinery as far away from your car as possible to avoid potential damage.

Next, open up those boxes you never unpacked and make some decisions. Donate what you no longer need or want, and find an appropriate spot for items you’d like to hold on to. Lastly, aim to keep objects off the floor; it’s a smart goal that usually results in a cleaner garage.

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