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Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

16 January, 2018 / By admin / 0 comments

We live in a litigious society, and for most families it would be financially devastating to experience a lawsuit. Want to protect your assets? An umbrella policy could provide the extra coverage you need. What does an umbrella policy cover? An umbrella policy

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It’s the indoor spot where you park cars or a boat; store tools, lawn equipment, golf clubs and skis; lean up bikes; and set out youngsters’ basketballs, inflatable pool gear and outdoor toys. The garage also can be a catchall place for items

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9 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

12 January, 2018 / By admin / 0 comments

Perhaps the first frost has already coated your windshield, forcing you to dig out the scraper. As you adjust to the chill, give a thought to your ride, and check out these nine tips that will keep your car rolling smoothly through winter’s

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Create a Warm & Cozy Home on a Budget

11 January, 2018 / By admin / 0 comments

Not looking forward to getting an expensive heating bill next month? There are some tried and true methods for making your home warm and cozy without turning up the heat. Follow these tips for budget-friendly and easy ways to feel warm in your

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Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

03 January, 2018 / By admin / 0 comments

Brrr! A car heater blowing cold air once things start to get cooler outside is not good. Let’s get that taken care of so your morning commute isn’t any more miserable than it needs to be. Basic in design, heaters are usually trouble

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